About Us

Hubli Assisted Conception Centre was started in 2010-2011 by team of ten highly committed and experienced consultants so as to provide the best infertility treatment to our community and avoid their misery of running to Bangalore or Mumbai at great cost and difficulty.

     HACC has a floor space of about 4000 square ft , completely dedicated to infertility and IVF work. Our well planned out interiors ensure that the patients walking in feel at ease immediately. Our staff has been trained to treat every patient courteously and kindly.

           At HACC, we now have facilities for complete evaluation and treatment of  infertile couples. HACC has state of the art consulting rooms, counseling room, Philips colour Doppler Sonography Unit, Well equipped Hormone Lab with Minividas, Cell counter and Biochemistry Analyzer. Well stocked Pharmacy with ILR for cold storage of injections and injection room in the OPD section.

The embryology unit includes a spacious IUI room, Recovery Room, Embryologists lounge, Sterilization area, Labguard Room, Andrology Laboratory with Laminar flow station, warmer, Spermfuge, Binocular Microscope etc., State of the art embryology laboratory with laminar airflow station with stage warmer, Sterio-zoom Microscope, Heiracell incubators, Inverted Olympus Microscope with Narishige Micromanipulator for ICSI . HACC has a well equipped ovum pickup operation theatre with automated operation table, High-end Anaesthesia Apparatus, Multiparameter Monitors, Drug cart and Craft aspiration unit. Air quality in the lab is maintained by labguard filters and Co2 inline filters.  The gametes are maintained and handled in the most delicate and clean environment.