Egg Sharing / Donation

Egg Donation / Sharing :

We offer IVF and Surrogacy by Egg Donation India
Sometimes when women cannot produce their own eggs and are unable to conceive baby, they use donor’s egg through the Egg donation India program. In egg donation program, eggs are retrieved from the donor’s ovary and fertilized in same manner as in test tube baby procedure, then the embryos thus created are placed in the recipient’s womb. It is considered as a part of third party reproduction and one way to help infertile couple/women to start a family.

Egg donation process takes approx one month whereas the retrieval process is itself takes few minutes.

Becoming an egg donor gives a hope for the infertile couple to enjoy parenthood, and needs to undergo certain psychological screening tests in order to ensure that she is healthy enough to donate her eggs and reduces the pregnancy risks. There are certain eligibility criteria to become an egg donor such as:

She must be between 21 to 35 year old and not more than 35 years old.
Must undergo with screening tests to ensure the suitability and capability for nurturing the eggs.
A test has been done for inherited diseases
A psychological check up is done to verify whether the donor is mentally efficient to donate her eggs.

Especially those women who stopped menstruating either naturally or prematurely, and thus their stock of eggs are exhausted and they wish to carry pregnancy, adopt this procedure and with the help of egg donor, can easily enjoy motherhood.

Before becoming an egg donor India, one should know all risks and benefits involved in this procedure. It is a surgical process, in which donor may suffer structural damage and injury to the bladder, uterus and blood vessels. There is no major complication yet noticed in the egg retrieval process, instead of some mild pain and side effect is reported by the donor.