What Can be the Causes of Infertility?
Fertility Centre DelhiInfertility is a problem of a couple, not of an individual. It is inability of 20% of the couples to get pregnant after trying regular unprotected intercourse for atleast 12 months. In 40% of the couples problem lies in the malte partner, in 30% problem can be in female and 30% the problem could be with both the partners.

What can be the problem area?

Infertility Centre Delhi
The problems can be simply because of coital failure or infrequency or can be in male partner due to low sperm count or poor semen quality or ejaculatory failure In female, the eggs may not be forming or tubes can be blocked or there can be abnormal cervix or cervical mucus defects or problem with uterine shape or structure or hormonal imbalance. 25% of couples can have no detectable causes after complete investigation and they are the cases of unexplained infertility

What are the treatment steps?
Ivf treatment StepsBoth wife & husband should come to infertility clinic together & try to share their thoughts & questions with the doctors because they must have a clear picture of their problem & the kind of treatment required to get fruitful outcome. 15% of couples can have more than one cause of infertility so every patient should undergo the whole set of basic investigations instead of focussing onjust one problem.

The couple is investigated by series of tests which include semen analysis, tubal patency test (HSG), ovulation monitoring by ultra sound, Hormonal assay and endoscopy when needed.

After a detailed history and physical examination, investigations are planned which may vary from couple to couple which help in deciding the most suitable treatment options from among the various assited reproductive techniques (ART) available  i.e.

    * IUI
    * IVF (Test Tube Baby)
    * ICSI
    * PESA/TESA - Surgical Sperm Recovery
    * Semen Washing & Sperm Banking
    * Donor Insemination
    * Egg sharing / Donation and Embryo Freezing
    * Surrogacy Services
    What happens in natural cycle?

From day one of menses, body prepares a few sets of follicles for ovulation. Follicle is a small fluid filled cystic structure in the ovary that contains egg. By midcycle, under influence of hormones secreted from brain, one follicle rupture & egg is released to the fallopian tube, where it wait for the sperm which travel all the way from the vagina, through the uterine cavity.

Factors affecting success rates

Factors affecting success rate of Fertility
Success rates decrease with increasing age & increased duration of infertility. As often occurs with couples who delay infertility treatment for years, due to lack of knowledge & seeking less costly treatment options etc. The semen should contain good quality of motile and morphologically normal sperm. Any chronic medical or surgical illness should also be reported to the doctor. Cycle cancellation may some time 
occur for under response when no follicles develop or follicle growth
 patterns are abnormal.